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Широк избор от механизми и компоненти за вграждане от водещи италиански производители.

ALTO is the pull-out column for high storage units. Based on an extra-stiff welded frame with epoxy coating, the system is equipped with heavy duty full extension slide and SlowMotion damping together with anti-whip technology on the top slide.
Available in standard lengths and equipped with adjustable platforms, Alto exists for 300, 400, 450, 500 and 600mm wide cabinets. Every platform is easily adjustable and fitted with anti-slip mat; they have an even surface easy to clean and a protective railing fully customisable.
Alto pull-out columns can bear up to 100kg load and every platform is fully accessible from each side.
GIRO is a whole family of solutions to optimise the space of corner cabinets over two levels. With Giro solutions, DolceVita regains lost space in kitchens. GiroTondo® is the top of the range corner solution with integrated self-closing door.
Giro TreQuarti® is the most used system to equip a corner cabinet, consisting in two carousels rotating around an aluminium pole. Adding a tray to the Giro TreQuarti® the customer obtains the ideal product for the full corner: the Giro QuattroQuarti®. Giro DueQuarti® is the simplest and most efficient innerware® for rectangular corner cabinets, with two independent levels and automatic pull-out of the inferior level.
Giro products are fully customisable to match the look of all the DolceVita range.
DUETTO is the perfect solution for rectangular corner cabinets. Two carriages both equipped with two levels of platforms are moving out of the corner in a synchronised snake-like movement giving the best access to every part of an otherwise dead angle.
A fully extracted first carriage and a fully accessible second carriage improve life in kitchen. Equipped with heavy duty slides, pull-in devices and an efficient damping technology, Duetto is available for 900mm cabinets.
With 85% space usage, DolceVita proves that it can optimise the volume usage of L-shaped kitchen lay-outs and exploit every inch of cabinet space available. Every platform is easily adjustable and mat and customisable railing are keeping the stored goods securely in place.
Vino is the ideal solution with great capacity and accessibility that allows to hold inside your kitchen cabinet a little cellar of 24 bottles.
Vino is based on a pair of ball-bearing slides fixed to the bottom of a 400 mm  cabinet and connected with a frame that can be fully extracted.
The shelves can host up to 24 bottles (4 per shelf), all easily accessible and their capacity allows remarkable loads. The opening and closing movement is helped by the AssisTech, which operates on the cabinet bottom.
Кошници за бутилки
(без и с плавно прибиране)
150мм, 200мм, 300мм, 400мм.
Отцедници за вграждане с LED осветление
и отцедник за работен плот лукс серия Shark
Кофа за вграждане 12л.
Отцедници за вграждане Sirio 400мм - 1000мм.
Разделител за прибори Tetrix
Разклонители и системи за разпределение на кабелите.
Sirio & Tetrix